Study on Hebrew History


This is a 17 part series that covers the nation of Israel from Infancy to the final days of the Tribulation.


Lesson 1 - The Call of Abraham

Lesson 2 - The Abrahamic Covenant

Lesson 3 - The Wilderness Journey

Lesson 4 - Israel leaving Sinai

Lesson 5 - Moab, Ammon, and the Amorites

Lesson 6 - War against Og, King of Bashan

Lesson 7 - Crossing over Jordan to Canaan

Lesson 8 - When Judges Ruled in Israel

Lesson 9 - Judges and Oppressing Nations

Lesson 10-Judges and Oppressing Nations - Part 2

Lesson 11-The Time of the Judges

Lesson 12-Israel Demands a King

Lesson 13-David and His 2 Sons

Lesson 14-The Reign of Solomon

Lesson 15-The Division of the Kingdom

Lesson 16- Israel's Kings

Lesson 17-The Kings of Judah

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